M.M.E.S. Women’s Arts and Science College

Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University

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M.M.E.S. Women’s Arts and Science College’s overview is as follows :

To help our wards to nature an organized planning to fit themselves within the framework of an ideal system of academic excellence.
To foster the healthy seeds to enlarge the dimensions of their secular, spiritual and universal knowledge.
To train the young curious questing minds to bloom into dedicated batches of workers of the human society.

To persuade to think very high of their potentialities because the ladder of success is always crowded.
To accelerate their capability to bring out the spark in them through their ingenuity.
To offer placement service with an eye on the empowerment of women by activating their zeal to convert every promising challenge into every promising challenge into every promising opportunity.

To help plant the saplings of duty and discipline,merit and models.
To reap a harvest of everlasting good will and popularity.
To strike the target of mutual co-existence by crossing the barriers of personal and national prejudices.

To build the edifice of character through human values.
To mould the young aspirants not to be a wandering generality but the pursuer of the goals that are challenging.
To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

The book in the college crest is the Holy Quran, the eternal source of spiritual strength, mundane knowledge and impeccable guidance.
The Computer symbolizes our passion for the latest innovations that expedite human labour for the latest innovation that expedite human labor for the betterment of human society.
The Rocket zooming towards space embodies our passion for the scientific and technological advancement which will usher an era of space progress for all.
The Tower throws light on our endeavour to help our wards to zoom to greater heights to conquer their goal of excellence.
The Circle Depict the truth that the campus is well governed and well guarded to study and grow in an undisturbed environment.
The Balance represents our dictum to render justice to all by generating the avenues that are similar for progress through perspiration.

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